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(Last updated on August 3, 2000)

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Welcome to Putnam Valley

A small community that roams through the hills of Putnam County from the Westchester County line northwards. The town is home to around 10,000 people while our district houses about 1300 students in two schools - a K-4 Elementary School and a 5-8 Middle School. Our high school students attend Panas High School in the Lakeland School District - though this is about to change.

We open our own high school in September 2000 - an exciting challenge for us all. (Visit our High School page and follow its various links for the most current information - and get the latest - on Principal Ray Cooper's High School page.

We have a close relationship with the community. The Putnam Valley PTA and SEPTA are integral parts of both our schools. The Parks and Recreation Department operates an open computer lab program at our Middle School one evening a week while the Putnam Valley Free Library maintains an Internet connection through our servers.

We hope you enjoy your visit here. Please browse and email us with any questions or suggestions.

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The Putnam Valley site is up and running because of the contributions of many people. Of particular note are Paul Lee, our assistant superintendent for business, who oversees the network and wiring; Jennifer Harriton and Frank Reale, school computer coordinators; Shelly Salzberg, director of special education and webmaster of the Pupil Personnel Services site; John Pellegrino, computer applications teacher; and Bruce Johnson, technology teacher and webmaster for NYSTEA. It bears stating and repeating that none of this would have been possible without the active and appropriately critical support of the Putnam Valley Board of Education and superintendent John Kleinegris.