Pat Bellino, our resident Board of Education netsurfer, scours the web each week to determine which site for kids and adults will earn his coveted "Pik-a-Pat" award. Pat welcomes your questions, comments, and site suggestions.
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Pat's Picks for 1995

Pat's pick for December 25, 2022 was TIME For Kids

Pat says, "Now there's an online magazine that will really make current events come alive for students - without talking down to them. Introducing TIME For Kids - the first new online magazine to teach current events. It will give students in grades 4-6 their own version of TIME - from news stories to science and the arts, all reported by a world-wide network of journalists.

"TIME For Kids is specifically targeted for classroom use and what makes it superior to other publications is that it's absolutely the week's latest news - like the grown-up TIME! That's why it will get students talking and thinking about the world's most important issues like never before!"

Pat's pick for December 18, 2022 was Inside Santa Land

Pat says, "This site is a link to many other sites celebrating the Holiday Season. You will find Holiday Music, Recipes, Christmas and Winter traditions from around the world, Holiday stories for family reading and, for all you last minute shoppers, there is an online mall. Here's hoping you all receive everything you want for the holidays, and for now ...

"Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!"

Pat's pick for December 11, 2022 was Santa's Site

Pat says, "Santa has gone Hi-Tech! Come visit his page on the Internet where you can look at his secret files as to who's naughty or nice, find out about Christmas traditions, see the schedule he follows leading up to the big day and then track him as he starts his journey to YOUR home! You can also see some of Mrs. Claus' recipes and E-mail the big guy (no, I don't mean Mr. Kleinegris) and send him your holiday wishes."

Pat's pick for December 4, 2022 was The National Zoo

Pat says, "Swing by the Great Ape Exhibit or meet the rest of the zoo's population through great articles and colorful photos. Read how this zoo is working to become a 'BioPark.' This vision of the modern zoo combines wildlife with natural history museums, botanical gardens, aquaria and even art galleries to illustrate the beauty of all living things."

Pat's pick for November 27, 2022 was WhaleTimes

Pat says, "WhaleTimes is an ocean adventure through your computer. If you like whales, sharks, penguins and seals, then this is the site for you. You will learn all about these creatures (and more) as you explore these pages. Also, if you have any questions, be sure to ask Jake the Sea Dog!"

Pat's pick for November 20, 2022 was The Internet Beatles Album

Pat says, "This Web pick is dedicated to Ed "The 5th Beatle" Hallisey. Our Middle School Band Director is a hard core fan of The Beatles and is probably the most knowledgeable person on this group that I know. This site has portfolios of each band member and information on unreleased or rare songs. It also has a section devoted to their 1968 'The Beatles' double album, including sound files of unreleased or mono takes of many songs from that record. It also has tons of other stuff including a view of the cover of the new 'Anthology, Vol.1' album, screen savers, lists of other Beatles covers, rare Beatles sound files and a lot, lot more."

Pat's pick for November 13, 2022 was Kidopedia

Pat says, "Kidopedia is an online, WWW-based encyclopedia written by children! Imagine an entry written on seals, for example, by a child who sees them as food. Or an entry about bears, by a second grader. What are their perspectives? These unique, very real works are interesting both to other children and to adults. This encyclopedia is a living document, growing all the time. The first entry was from a child living in Kobe, who described the Kobe earthquake from her point of view. Kidopedia recently won an award from Time magazine, where it was named as one of the six best new web sites in education today."

Pat's pick for November 6, 2022 was Visa Olympics of the Imagination

Pat says, "Kids between the ages of 11 to 13 looking to take part in a world wide art contest should visit this site. With the 1996 Olympic Summer Games being held in Atlanta, Georgia, the contest asks young artists to draw or paint their idea of an Olympic sport of the future. Complete entry details - including an entry form - are on this page. Winners get to take themselves and a parent or guardian to the Summer Olympics. Draw a bead on that trip by making your drawing now!"

Pat's pick for October 30 was The Yuckiest Site on the Internet

Pat says, "They may be creepy and yuckky - but, hey, they're everywhere. And on this site you can learn a lot about them in neat and fun ways. Of course, I mean cockaroaches! This place may be unique, and you adults may have a hard time here - but kids of all ages will love it because it makes learning fun."

Pat's pick for October 23 was Heather's Scary Halloween Page

Pat says, "Children can add their names and what they will be for Halloween on Heather's Halloween Wall, and safety tips are online to ensure a safe and fun Halloween for all. Heather, by the way, is a 5 year old. (Which goes to show you are never too young to surf the Web!)"

Pat's pick for October 16 was Joseph Wu's Origami Page

Pat says "If you have ever made a paper airplane and dreamed of grander designs - of roses and dragons, of cranes or butterflies, all made by folding a piece of paper - then Joseph Wu's Origami Page is for you. Here you can see pictures of wonderful designs and download instructions on how to make them, learn basic folding techniques, and find out where to get the best supplies. Some designs shown here are quite hard but others are for beginners like me, making this a site people of all ages can enjoy."

Pat's pick for October 9 was the Internet Public Library - Youth Division

Pat says "Here you can enter a writing contest, explore science and math, talk about your favorite books, and ask authors and illustrators questions. There are also several books that you can read at the library or download and read at home, such as Molly Whuppie: An English Fairy Tale. Don't forget to meet J.J. and Bookie!"

Pat's pick for October 2 was the Electric Postcard

Pat says "Judith Donath's Electric Postcard server is a cool invention that's remarkably easy to use. You choose an image from the virtual Card Rack, compose and address a message to a friend, and send the card via email. The recipient will get a message telling them that a postcard is waiting for them at the site's Pick-up Window, along with a claim number. Think how much you can save on birthday cards!"

(Editor's note: The postcard comes as a graphics file, so make sure you have a program that can view gifs or jpegs.)

Pat's pick for September 25 was Kid's Space

Pat says "Kids' Space has been planned for children to be a creator of a big net-wave, while enhancing basic computer skills through their real participation and use of the Internet. Children can send their pictures, stories, music, and letters. Kids' Space is fully prepared for assisting children at novice levels of drawing and typing through more advanced levels covering publishing on the Internet and creating html files. Another stimulation for children is communicating with others. By exploring other children's sites and by posting and exchanging their opinions or problems, children will expand their relationships with people in other states or even in other countries. Those who don't have email accounts are welcome. Kids' Space will accomodate for that by following a bulletin board style. This is a great space for young children to experience the Internet."

Pat's pick for September 18 was ESPNet Sportszone

Pat says, "If you love sports as much as I do, this is the site for you. This is ESPN on the Net. Not only does it cover all the major sports, but most of the minor ones, too. In addition, you can get the scoop on most of the minor league affiliates and commentaries from some of the great sports writers around the country."

Pat's pick for September 11 was CRAYON

Pat says, "Adults and kids will like this page, because you can make your own newspaper from the best of the news, sports, and other information out on the net. A class can create its own page and see what is happening each day in a way that fits whatever ages are there. Classes can compare their pages with other classes, show them off, and talk about why they picked what they did."

Pat's pick for September 4 was Kidscom

Pat says, "This Internet playground features the wit and imagination of the middle school set. Read stories written by other kids (vote on the one you like best!), leave messages on the Graffiti Wall, or visit the Pet Arena. Kidscom also offers games and prizes (sponsored by SprectraCom). Parents have their own pages here, too. Come by for a visit."

Pat's pick for August 28 was the New York Botanical Garden

Pat says, "I have decided to pay homage to the borough of my birth, The Bronx. Within a half mile of my home was 250 acres of the most beautiful, scenic and peaceful land that I have ever seen. The name of this oasis is the New York Botanical Gardens."

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