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A Letter From The Board Of Education

This year, the Putnam Valley School District budget development process was made more difficult by a number of factors. First, proposals in the Executive Budget of New York State would shift certain expenses to local school districts and reduce state aid. Since the State has not completed its budget on time, districts now must estimate what effect these proposals may have on their budgets.
Second, a significant increase (of over eleven percent) in the number of Putnam Valley students going to Walter Panas High School next year will increase our costs, by itself, by $240,000.
Third, property revaluation throughout Putnam County means that next year's tax bill for individual school district taxpayers will be partly affected by their new assessments as well as by changes in the district's proposed budget.
Your Board of Education has examined these factors carefully and is recommending to the community a budget that is projected to increase taxes modestly in Putnam Valley (3.09%), in Carmel (7.15%), and in Cortlandt (3.79%). This budget would continue to support our students and offer them the programs necessary to compete in the 21st century. Putnam Valley has a fine school system with a dedicated staff and this budget will allow them to be successful in the teaching of our children . It will also help to advance the mission of our school district: "The Child First and Foremost, Building A Foundation For The Future."
This budget allows us to maintain modest funding for our technology initiatives, support our Walter Panas students, improve our Early Literacy Program in kindergarten, maintain a part-time Middle School Student Advisor Assistant, and sustain enrichment programs for students in both schools. This budget provides funds for supplies and materials for the classroom and supports extracurricular activities, sports, and clubs. The maintenance portion of the budget continues at a level that will help keep our buildings well maintained.
We believe that this budget will allow our schools to continue to improve while maintaining a tax rate of 3.09% for the majority of our school district residents.
If you wish additional information on the budget, please contact John Kleinegris, Superintendent of Schools, at 528-8143 or any of our Board of Education Members listed below.

Guy Cohen (President) - 526-3434
JoAnn Riley (Vice-President) - 528-2109
Pat Bellino - 528-1796
Edward MacDonald - 526-3672
Barbara Parmly - 528-1155

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