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September 25, 2023


Leesa Hernandez
Melissa Mattia


Leesa Hernandez

Grade 1, Reading
Cindy Langdon

Grade 2
Melissa Mattia

Grade 3
Ellen Chindano

Grade 4
Maureen Beyrer

Laura Hirsch
Inga Washburn

Bus Drivers
Inga Washburn

Custodians, Office
Ed Hallisey

Rose Brainard

Support Staff
Lin Butter

Kim Bushell
Beverly Busman
Rebecca O'Brien

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Involvement (excerpted from the district plan)

The roles and responsibilities of a building committee will be:

  • To improve the educational outcome of all students.
  • To develop its own rules and procedures.
  • To receive input from stakeholders.
  • To survey stakeholders for goal identification.
  • To narrow down goals.
  • To create a process to implement goals and plans.
  • To obtain final approval for goals and plans from stakeholders.
  • To provide coordination of approved plan.
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of approved plans.
  • To monitor and improve communication among all committees and stakeholder groups.
  • To acknowledge and celebrate successes.

Building committee members will have the following roles and responsibilities:

  • To participate in the shared decision making process.
  • To keep their stakeholders informed of issues being considered by the building committee.
  • To represent their stakeholder group on the building committee.
  • To actively support actions of the building committee.
  • To attend all meetings and be prompt.
  • To agree to and support a process of decision making. Building committees shall choose the method of decision making and each member shall actively support that process.

Each building committee should use the following operational procedures:

  • The building committee is encouraged to develop a rotational meeting schedule to fit the needs of the various stakeholder groups.
  • Agendas shall be sent out prior to meetings and should include opportunities for suggestions from stakeholder groups.
  • All meetings shall be open to the public.
  • Minutes of meetings shall be distributed to committee members in a timely manner and be available to stakeholder groups.
  • Each building committee shall develop procedures so that stakeholder groups are informed and their opinions solicited regarding any substantive issues proposed.
  • Subcommittee formation shall reflect the goals of the goals of the building committee.
  • Membership on subcommittees shall be open to all stakeholder groups.
  • Building staff must approve policy changes suggested by building committee.
  • Each building committee shall determine the method of staff approval.
  • The building committee shall develop other operating procedures as it may deem necessary.

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