Developing Educational Standards: Newspapers and Magazines

Developing Educational Standards

Newspapers and Magazines

Developing Educational Standards is an annotated list of Internet sites with K-12 educational standards and curriculum frameworks documents, maintained by Charles Hill and the Putnam Valley Schools in New York. Your help with updates or corrections is greatly appreciated. [This page was last updated on February 7, 2000.] -> Return to the Standards index page.

Atlantic Monthly
The December 1995 issue of Atlantic Monthly has a very critical article by Paul Gagnon called, What Should Children Learn? The author thinks he knows what went wrong with the movement for national standards: professional educators and academics thwarted the public demand to have standards through their fuzzy thinking, political correctness, and active resistance. Now, he feels, it is up to the states to set things right.

Daily Report Card
An HTML version of The Daily Report Card News Service's listserv postings, you can search its summaries of recent education news by performing a "find" on any given page and clicking on the relevant article. To get updates on what is going on in the states about standards, do a find on the term "standards." If nothing shows up, try a different month to see what was going on previously.

Eagle Forum
The Eagle Forum publishes the Education Reporter and Phyllis Schlafly's columns, both of which have printed critiques of standards at one time or another.

Education Forum
Arizona State University reprinted several articles from the "Educational Forum" in 1994 that dealt quite critically with national standards. They are Constitutional Implications of National Curriculum Standards, by Stephen Arons and Mathematics Standards and Urban Education: Is This the Road to Recovery?, by Willaim F. Tate.

Education Policy Analysis
Education Policy Analysis is a quarterly journal containing thoughtful and sometimes controversial scholarly articles about public education. Being Popular About National Standards, b y Michael W. Apple - A review of Diane Ravitch's book, National Standards in American Education that appeared in the June 30, 2023 issue of EPA.

Education Week
Education Week (along with its sister publication, Teacher Magazine) offers selected articles, an archive, and a particularly impressive section called Issues that contains links to pages with articles dedicated to all the major current educational issues including assessment and standards. In addition, Education Week has published special reports about standards, frameworks, assessments, and their associated travails. Highlights of its online holdings include a special January 1999 issue, Quality Counts, that reviews and draws conclusions about the status of current educational programs , including standards initiatives; a 1997 version of this study; and a Fall 1998 series of articles called Applying Standards about various reviews of state and national standards. (Education Week also did a story on the Putnam Valley Schools and the web site you are currently using in its March 20, 2023 issue called Web Site on K-12 Standards Efforts Lauded).

US News Online
US News Online carries much of the content of US News and World Report. The best way to find relevant articles is to do a search on "standards" from the home page. A recent search turned up well over 50 citations.