Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery is an early intervention program for at risk first graders. It is a research based, data driven program. Reading Recovery was designed by Marie Clay. In New York State it is under the supervision of N.Y.U. Locally we are supervised by B.O.C.E.S. in Yorktown. The goal of this program is to bring those at risk first graders to the average reading level of their class as quickly as possible.

The design of the program is daily, thirty minute lessons taught one on one by a trained Reading Recovery teacher. The lesson consists of rereading, the taking of a running record, word analysis,writing and introduction and first of a new book. The focus of the program is to build on students strenghs and to provide them with strategies for independent reading.

The Reading Recovery teachers are expected to keep extensive records. In addition to daily lesson plans a teacher must take a daily running record to evaluate the level at which child is functioning successfully.